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Hello, and welcome to Rarely Written 2015! I've got a few things to say about general writing tips, and a much longer list of nitpicks. Any fandom details are duplicated in my requests page

General Pluses:
-Genfic. Romance is a wonderful thing, and I'm a hardcore shipper, but it's only one part of the human experience.
-Emotional strength. Physical strength is okay, but I like to read about people who find their own strength inside.
-Warrior Women. I know I said it was just okay a sentence ago, but I love a good warrior princess.
-Puns and wordplay.

General Minuses:
-Present tense narration. I can't explain why, but I absolutely hate present tense. I prefer past tense.
-Rape, especially as character development or punishment. If you can handle the subject, fine, but if you're going to include it make sure it's absolutely necessary.-Incest. It is not best (unless we're talking about the Winchesters or the Lannisters).
-Romanticizing abuse. Don't be Stephanie Meyer, m'kay?
-Controlling behavior. See above.
-Emotional abuse. See above.
-High school AU. I have never understood the appeal of taking a vivid, dynamic fandom like Game of Thrones or Fire Emblem and setting it in a modern high school where the characters experience nothing but standard relationship drama. There are dozens of fandoms like that already. Someone go start a war.
-Pet names. Because of Reasons, pet names (like "boo" and "pudding" and such) are a huge trigger for me.


Donella Hornwood has always interested me. She kind of gets shoved into the fridge to develop Ramsay, but her horrific death is something I wish was expanded upon more. What was going through her mind while she was trapped up there in the tower? Does anyone know where she is? Are they coming for her?

Jeyne is much the same. She's barely more than a mentioned only character, and gets very little mention. What happened to her after the Red Wedding? Where is she? What is she doing? How does she feel about the Freys and the Lannisters? Bonus points if you can get her to interact with Lady Stoneheart or one of the remaining Starks. I would also accept a fanfic based on the theory that Jeyne has been killed and replaced after the Red Wedding to prevent the birth of the Young Wolf, though the evidence (the size of her hips) has been attributed to a mistake.

Final Fantasy Tactics
The complete absence of Louveria Atkascha from the fandom amazes me, though it could be because she is a mentioned-only character. She is basically the one who orchestrated the whole War of the Lions. She's the game's analog for Margaret of Anjou. She's Cersei Lannister, right down to the blonde hair. HOW ARE THERE NO FICS ABOUT HER!? I would love to see her rise to power or her fall from grace.

Reis is a playable character, but she only gets four words of dialog in the original game. Her role was expanded upon in the remake, but she still ends up as mostly an accessory to Beowulf's story. I would love to see her before she met Beowulf, or a fanfic about how she was changed into a dragon. Bonus points for somehow tying the story into the narrative of the epic poem.

On another note, I really hate Alma. Sorry if that breaks the rules against bashing characters, but I do. If she could not be in the story, that would be great. I'm partial to the original spellings/Romanizations for the most part, and I actually have a pretty extensive headcanon for the game, but most of it is irrelevant to Louveria.

Mass Effect
Aethyta is a fascinating character. I knew she was Liara's father long before they revealed it simply by hoping that Mass Effect wouldn't waste a character with such an interesting backstory. Sure enough, the unnamed bartender showed up again in Mass Effect 3, but we still didn't get to see her do much. Watching her interact with her daughter and Shepard would be nice, or seeing her meet Benezia, or her time as an asari commando, or her relationship with her awesome parents, or anything really.

As for Clone Shep, I want anything. How does she feel about the original model? Bonus points if you can slash her with Brooks, or wrangle some kind of AU where she got away with taking command of the Normandy and her companions are surprised at the change in her personality, or an AU where Shep managed to save her and tries to reform her, a la Fire Lord Ozai in the Avatar finale.

Headcanon: Shepard is female and dating Liara. Ashley survived Virmire, if it matters.

Lunar Chronicles
Michelle Benoit is a certifiable badass, but we never get to see her as anything but a broken victim in canon (though to be fair, she became broken because she wouldn't succumb to torture). It's really sad, and I'd love to see her in action during her glory days, like on her historic mission to Luna where she met Logan Tanner.

Linh Adri is a character that I'm quite torn on. She's really nasty to Cinder, but she so clearly loves her daughters and deceased husband, and most of her hatred of Cinder is explained and understandable (though not justified). I think she ends up as an antagonist largely because we never see things from her point of view. How did she become so bitter? What was she like when she first met Linh Garen?

Once Upon A Time
For Milah, let's see her as a pirate with Hook. What was she like as a swashbuckling rogue?

For Wendy, how is she adjusting to modern life? What are the other Darlings doing now that Pan is dead? Do they have any living relatives? Were they able to return to England?

Tinker Bell kind of disappeared after the Neverland arc. How does she feel about Regina and Robin getting together? Has she been working with Blue since she was rescued? Is she trapped in the Hat? How does she feel about the other fairies being trapped in the Hat? Is she helping release them? 

For Rapunzel, where is she now? Did she make it to Storybrooke during the second curse, or was she left behind? If she is in Storybrooke, what is it like (I imagine she owns a hair salon)? If she's still in the Homelands Enchanted Forest, what is it like without Snow and the gang?

Bonus points for involving Mulan or any non-canon Princess (Jasmine, Pocahontas, Tiana). No Frozen characters, please. Well, maybe Ingrid. 

The list of characters I listed are my favorite minor characters on the show, actually. An AU where Lenore doesn't get unceremoniously killed off would be fabulous, and visiting Sarah and Layla after their canonical appearances would be lovely. Is Layla getting treatment? Is she seeing another faith healer? Is she struggling with her faith after her canon appearance? I would love to see Casey and Father Gil on a Bonnie-and-Clyde-type crime spree, causing trouble and spreading the apocalypse.


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